Pedro Pimenta

cadastrado em 12/03/2018 12:34pm
I am a professional who has been working with Web since 2011, delivering small and big websites for my clients with a high-quality standard.

Especialist and entusiast with Wordpress. Realy i love code with Wordpress.

What I can do to help you

Install and Configure Wordpress
Customize Themes and Plugins
Fix issues and others
Develop Design small ang big websites.
Migrate or Backup your data.


I can build a theme from scratch for your site (photoshop to Wordpress)
I can customize a premium theme, saving you tons of money
I can speed up your site to improve user experience
I can do SEO
I can fix any template or plugin issues like e-commerce, contact form, and many others
I can install and setup any new feature integration on your site
I can manage your web servers to free you to grow your business